The Nov 14, 2014 fireball above Yekaterinburg

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The Yekaterinburg Fireball happened most probably at a much lower altitude than previously expected, say 15-20 km, on 14 November 2014, just before the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Org., the Russian NATO) conference on air-missile defence. These altitudes for explosions are typical of missile interception which would really take place at the last instants before impact of the ICBM. Furthermore the Gazelle missiles can sprint at 20 km/s and this is probably too short and too close to the ground to be detected by thermal imagery of missile reactors (used to watch for ICBM take off).

A nuclear EMP has 3 phases, E1 from gamma interaction with the atmosphere and E3 are the more significant but E3 was significantly reduced by the solar flare which was extremely intense in October – November 2014. E1 is not significant below 20 km (see the two Metatech reports E1 see p. 23, E3 see p. 15) and at the same altitude the double flash of light starts to be moderated by the lack of oxygen and fades into an ambiguous simple flash. The airburst is also limited for the same reason. This is even more significant since the power of the warhead was certainly limited to approx. 15 kilotons to reduce collateral effects. The warhead was certainly a neutron bomb : they are used by Gazelle missiles to pre-emptively fission part of the plutonium of the incoming ICBM and defuse it. Neutron bombs do not create as much fission products as a normal bomb because the usual depleted uranium shell (fissioned by high energy neutrons, a technology used to improve the yield of a bomb) is absent in neutron bombs. Furthermore, the closest country (Kazakhstan) to have an “independent” monitoring system for nuclear explosions is also a member of the CSTO.

Thanks to Megan Eskey for the help.




Repeal the 8th – abortion rights for all

For men explicitely fighting abortion rights the subjective rationality hides the true purpose which is the control of women’s sexuality – as if women were not able to “control” it exactly like men do.

The subjective rationality (point made by Raymond Boudon, French sociologist) : “we’ll save babies” hides the point : women should not be allowed to have sex with multiple men – and nothing else. With the hope of course that they will stay with them, and a total disdain for the (morally equivalent, on this stance) issue that men may have multiple partners as well. Eventually it signifies the deep association of sexuality with child making and thus rejection of sexualities that do not produce children, ie homosexualities.

We HAVE the treatment for the Ebola virus

Use Prunella vulgaris, whose anti viral effect against Ebola has been demonstrated :

Antiviral Res. 2016 Mar;127:20-31. doi: 10.1016/j.antiviral.2016.01.001. Epub 2016 Jan 9.

Characterization of the inhibitory effect of an extract of Prunella vulgaris on Ebola virus glycoprotein (GP)-mediated virus entry and infection.

“Overall, this study provides evidence that CHPV has anti-EBOV activity and may be developed as a novel antiviral approach against EBOV infection.”

The results that are presented are unbelievably efficient. There are many plants that have proven antiviral properties. This study centered on a particular one demonstrates its success. Many plants similar to Prunella vulgaris have also known antiviral properties (Salvia officinalis for instance).
To demultiplicate the effects, it should be possible to use cannabidiol or even cannabis oil as it has itself some antiviral properties (as well as well known antibacterial / anti mycobacterial properties – I used it myself to cure a beginning of Lyme disease yesterday after tick bite and harshness in my leg) and increases the cinetics of a drug in the body because it inhibits the cytochrome P450 (which is actually why you should never mix cannabinoids with opioids such as morphin and codein).
Terpens from cannabis also have known antiviral activity and could be a good additive. (Terpens are not present in most CBD oils)

Terpenes: substances useful in human healthcare.


Terpenes are naturally occurring substances produced by a wide variety of plants and animals. A broad range of the biological properties of terpenoids is described, including cancer chemopreventive effects, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, antihyperglycemic, anti-inflammatory, and antiparasitic activities. Terpenes are also presented as skin penetration enhancers and agents involved in the prevention and therapy of several inflammatory diseases. Moreover, a potential mechanism of their action against pathogens and their influence on skin permeability are discussed. The major conclusion is that larger-scale use of terpenoids in modern medicine should be taken into consideration.


Regalian powers have always been the object of discussion of economists…

position à critiquer - Friedman - nightwatchmangovernment

But, unlike what Friedman says, everything can in fact be privatized very easily.

A man acting in private as judge, would be, according to exterior eyes, the most sensible to corruption. Yet he is a plain economic agent in a market with the intent to keep his reputation high ; a market with competition and risk that corruption becomes public and taints hims forever… The cost can be levied on the loser proportionally to the work needed, which is of course an incentive for friendly arrangement. Of course the reputation of a judge in terms of costs plays and is an incentive for the judge to be more cost-efficient. Competition discourages judge attempts at over-billing and public media pressure obviously ensures a minimal level of service (a professional judge has a reputation to care for). In addition, for when an agreement on a judge is not possible, the choice of the plaintiff should prevail.

Policing can be ensured by private companies. You can just pay for a protection service and use a magnetic & satellite badge the police service you contract with uses to recognize you. People without a contract don’t get protected. Local services can get into networks to allow you to travel while getting into the umbrella of another company part of the same network, allowing for scale economies. (Of course gun rights also contribute to reducing costs here)

The same goes for lighthouses regarding boats : just have a remote control… some boats may attempt to use the light of other boats but someday they’ll arrive alone and might be at risk of sinking – also, which insurance policy would agree to insure a boat that has no remote controls for the lighthouses on its path ?

For jails it is simple to imagine a charity system as all citizens have an incentive at having good prisons. Same for nuclear defense.

The notion of “discrimination” does not make sense. Discrimination is perfectly legitimate. You will lose money and sanction yourself if you discriminate, that’s enough. (I am thinking of shops that would like to put a sign “people of **** origin forbidden”)

It may lead to boycott from other groups of people – they are right to do it if they want. Nobody compels them to buy stuff in that shop. If all shops in a village are owned by people not willing to have 90% of the population of that village shopping there, outsiders will have all incentive to come there and open a tolerant shop. But the right of shop owners to discriminate should not be treaded on. We have Internet networks : if people feel there is too much discrimination the information will circulate and competitors may come quite quickly.

For currency I suggest to use stocks, like bonds, shares, sliced into little pieces, as a tool for trading better than any current currency, even crypto, for it has intrinsic value based on the value of the company (and so fits with Mises’ regression theorem… of course). For this to happen the assets used should retain the rights associated, in proportion with the size of the slice. For a share for instance this would again obviously mean that no company has any interest in overflooding the markets. Gold can be used as a complement for trading, and to value stocks in the market place as a common denominator (without the need for gold to be actually present for transactions to happen, just as a guarantee that anybody coming with the amount of gold is legitimate in buying a share or bond at that price). With blockchain, smartphones, anybody can trade any amount and really exchange slices of assets from phone to phone, paying for instance a piece of bread with 1/1000th of a Google stock. No more bubbles.

Gnap, gnap, une ligne de train pour ma petite province !

Ligne que personne n’utilisera une fois votée. Parce que se déclarer consommateur n’a aucun coût. Tout le monde est incité à se déclarer dans l’espoir d’inciter à la construction. Les lignes de TER circulent avec un remplissage d’en moyenne 25%. Mais on trouve régulièrement des rigolos, notamment au PCF, qui font campagne pour le train… Une voie de chemins de fer, des emplois publics pour des générations ! et de la dette puisque ces travaux jamais rentables retombent sur les contribuables.

Chaque politicien dans sa commune, dans son palais de région, peut promettre de nouvelles lignes “qui créeront de l’emploi et dynamiseront les territoires”, blablabla. Créer des emplois publics c’est créer des emplois peu productifs, des ouvriers syndiqués, c’est encourager la paresse, et la dette grandira puisque personne en réalité n’emprunte ces lignes que les présidents de région sont en général si fiers d’inaugurer. Pareil pour nombre d’infrastructures locales (un exemple par chez moi : le CICA, Centre International de Communication Avancée, à Sophia Antipolis… 100 millions d’euros le joujou)

CICA sophia.png
90 millions d’euros de perdus !

La dette publique sert les intérêts des vendeurs d’armes, des grandes entreprises liées au pouvoir qui bénéficient d’infrastructures ad-hoc, on l’utilise pour s’allier les syndicats et les petits potentats locaux qui ont leur clientèle d’électeurs à vendre au plus offrant.

A l’ère de la voiture individuelle, avec toutes les stations d’épuration dont on ne récupère pas assez les gaz, le refus des pouvoirs publics de faire connaître la facilité d’usage de l’huile végétale dans les moteurs diesel – n’importe quel moteur diesel peut en utiliser 30% au moins (infiniment meilleur pour la santé en l’absence de nanoparticules liées au forage – mais l’Etat taxe aussi l’huile, ne rêvons pas), avec les routes et la liberté absolue du transport individuel qui, eeet oui ! permet d’avoir une vie privée, contrairement aux rames de métro ! on voudrait encore faire monter les gens dans les trains ? Les conseilleurs ne sont pas les payeurs…

Commentaire supplémentaire : ce ne sont pas les émissions de CO2 qui font le réchauffement climatique mais les émissions, en général, de chaleur des industries, moteurs (ce qui inclut le nucléaire, qui perd 70% de son énergie thermique dans la nature), en période d’activité volcanique intense (les tephras retiennent la chaleur dans l’atmosphère). Démonstration facile : deux périodes de faible activité volcanique et d’industrialisation rapide, deux périodes où le CO2 augmente mais pas les températures :

carbon vs temp 19thcentury.png

carbon vs temperature
Temperatures have been amplificated to show how they do not correlate during extended periods – same for 1880 – 1909

(tournant en 1909 après l’événement de la Tunguska, l’éruption du siècle en Alaska 3 ans plus tard et le premier gros iceberg qui se détache… autre éruption très violente au Chili en 1932… et à nouveau, après la fin de la guerre qui tire également les chaleurs à la hausse, 1945-1976, période de grand calme volcanique où les températures sont restées elles aussi stables).

The coming economic crisis and war attempts to keep interest rates low (buy gold & silver !)

The bubble of the decade is about to burst. The “everything bubble” is in fact propped up by military spending (which benefitted hugely from easy credit and thus public debt) as well as housing and Chinese debt as well is involved.

Here is a mathematical model I have found (through Daniel Lacalle’s Twitter, he’s among the growing crowd of observators pointing to the coming economic crisis)


More on debt, private (corporate) :


What has to be understood is : one of the main motors of public debt is war, esp. in the USA.

Another way to understand that is the situation between North and South Korea : successful negotiations reduce the prospects of war and thus the need for public debt, leading to an increase in interest rates. One meeting between Kim Jong il and the South happened in 2000 (then : Internet bubble burst), another in 2007 (then 2008 crisis started). What’s happened a few days ago ? Peace treaty in preparation. Everytime : less need for low interest rates -> spark a change in Fed policy which burst the bubble that had formed because of the need to pay for the anterior war. After 2000 the Iraq war propped a bigger bubble through the same use of low interest rates to pay for debt. The Iraq war is responsible for the 2008 crisis.

So how to interpret attempts at going more at war in Syria ? very easily. It should also have its share in Israeli warmongering against Iran. (I have pointed out that Iran already did nuclear tests underground, involving even megatonic devices)

The use of depleted uranium to keep jihadism alive by oppressing all the people in bombed countries for the years to come (it is an eternal pollution used since Vietnam) is also a very good assets for future bubbles. (see of course on this)

Wars are obviously the best way to convince central bankers of the need to keep interest rates low. Let it make the bubble of public debt that has never been truly deflated. Let politicians gain money from weapons contracts where corruption is rife and easy (just ask the company for checks and services in exchange for a higher buying price).

Non-interventionism : in markets, in foreign countries, in the lives of people. Let us have the money we want, stop messing with crypto currency platforms. How it is ABSOLUTELY A FANTASTIC EASY RIDE to buy call warrants on companies that will benefit from wars ? How it is SO MUCH A WAY TO ENRICH YOURSELF if you are in the inner circles of power ?