Was Jesus gay ? Certainly so. And so…

The « miracles » were certainly a strategy to hide it by attracting attention elsewhere. They are explained very well with the use of cannabis oil, as Chris Bennett (and maybe others before) first hypothesized it (The Guardian, see here). Cannabis oil is able to cure some types of paralysis, it can prevent crisis of dementia (when low in tetrahydrocannabinols) and is able for instance to cure cancer (see cancer.gov for reference to studies), as well as Yersinia pestis and tuberculosis.

You all know John mentions himself as the closest disciple to Jesus. Was he the « closet disciple » too ? He may not have been alone, just the only one to brag about it. Maybe as a safeguard, yet Paul on the other hand started the return to the age-old tradition of homophobia that can be found all across the Old Testament. A monk (Calcagno, in Venice) was burned in 1550 for making a claim about John and Jesus’s gay relation.