Kerman, Eastern Iran, test ground for nuclear weapons – earthquakes totally dominated by P waves

See here for confirmation of the ability to dig deep underground with Russia (“Superdeep Kola Borehole” and several quakes dominated by P against S deep underground)

After the Halabja suspected test triggering accidentally a much more powerful earthquake, another case is much clearer : Iran has fired bombs in the underground, in the East, in a old test area. Iran has mastered nuclear fission years ago, for anti tank warheads in missiles, the Toofan for instance and its caracteristic flash at impact. So it looks like an old test ground where several bombs have been detonated (as explained : the ability to dig deep underground has not been publicly noted as a way to make nuclear tests something like 10 km underground, hence all these cases have been discarded even though the obvious was here, as we’ll see below, furthermore no fission products until September). Iran is a possible user of U233 as its underground is thorium-rich.

The main element is that many earthquakes that have been geolocalized are all in a very precise place.

All of this demonstrates that a true rupture zone has been created, with an array of quakes early December because of the fragilisation.

Here is for instance another older case :

Iran case Kerman older
Again heavily dominated by P

This has probably caught the attention of careful eyes… It quite clearly looks like an area where the underground has been strongly shaken and is partly collapsing from the inside. Nukes create a magmatic chamber underground. It happens in the hills, as in NK. Typical for a test site. Even though my suspicions in Halabja may not be true, here there is no real room for doubt. I do not believe in any link with the fission products found much farther north. The circular / ovoid aspect of the perimeter in the Eastern case makes no doubt on the nuclear cause, gives an idea of the yield. The high natural radioactivity in Iranian mountains certainly is linked to this (interactions of the neutrons, production for instance of U233, then small supercriticities because of high density, formation of an artificial magmatic chamber).

séismes localisés iran est
In the hills – typical for a bomb test site. Exactly as in NK

In fact if we watch for earthquakes in this area of Iran we find a lot of isolated quakes, between 0 and 20 km depth, without replicas. Each of those I sampled were heavily dominated by P waves. Iran is able to make antitank warheads (please refer to my other website on that) since 2000. They have developed in a few years something more powerful than that.

In the list in the region of Kerman I have actually had lots of difficulties to find a NORMAL quake :

True case Iran
THIS is good – slightly dominated by S, 60 / 40

Compare for instance with the following (just a sample) :

Iran clearly is a nuclear power since more than a decade. Why was U233 forgotten ?