Earthquake lights

Wherever there is a P wave in a earthquake it is an underground explosion moving the soil up and down. And that explosion is nuclear. Wherever there is a tiny way for photons to get out it (for instance plaques moving, with some S waves) it causes this : earthquake lights. Blueish because of the very high temperatures as these explosions are usually extremely powerful, for some light to be able to get out. This does not happen frequently.

earthquake lights

This image in Japan is a nice example.

(see my article for reference !)

A few scientific notes

1. Positive lightning : a marker for underground magmatism. All forms of magmatism are nuclear explosions underground. When this is stated, understanding why positive lightning happens in areas of geothermy where there are incoming bubbles of magma (such as the US East Coast where a hot spot is coming slowly) is extremely easy. Positive lightning is an electric arc in which the electrons are in the ground and positrons in the cloud. These electrical arcs can reach distances far away from the storms (more than 50 km away). I have found no reports of positive lightning in France, but these happens more frequently for instance in the East Coast. The “”Seneca Guns”” in North Carolina where there is a good magmatism are one “mystery” solved by positive lightning – in addition I would say that the strongest “skyquakes” – another vernacular name for positive lightning – come with small underground earthquakes – it’s simply the underground quake that produces a lot of electrons, hence immediate positive lightning. Beta particles overload. Geothermy in Auvergne is still powerful but there are far less underground earthquakes and no positive lightning. It’s a declining plume, quasi totally emptied unlike the hot spot in the East Coast which is slowly coming and the other one under the Yellowstone, to California and New Mexico. Lightning above volcanoes erupting is of course explained the same way for there are light fission products such as iodine 131 in the volcano ash plume, and more beta particles underground.

2. Driving without diesel : if you have a gasoline motor, just mix vegetable oil with bioethanol : bioethanol dissolves the oil and allows it to explode more easily in the motor. Increase the % of bioethanol as temperatures go down.

3. Hurricanes aiming at nuclear reactors : a perfectly normal phenomenon. Nuclear reactors are a strong source of heat. It creates an overpressure around and the hurricane is a serious low pressure area. Forces attempt to balance as quickly as possible, hence going above a nuclear reactor is frequently the easiest way. The hurricane will stay so long as there is an overpressure (the destruction of the reactor by the hurricane being the easiest path – it’s a simple balancing of forces). I’ve pointed to Port St Lucie in 2017, Brunswick, Mc Guire, Shearon Harris, Robinson, Farley, Satsumasendai and Kori in 2018 (for all these click). I certainly missed some before (Waterford in 2005 ? What about 2012 ? … and Japan ? ). But what happened this year is certainly unprecedented, for obvious reasons – GW.

4. There clearly is a sodium-cooled fast reactor hidden in the Canjuers military camp which is the biggest in western Europe. I have seen “blueish flashes” (white light and a blue undertone) and went close to the entry of the camp and felt the >2,2 MeV gamma of the sodium-24 (you cannot get them with a Geiger…). Sodium-24 is produced close to the places of use because of its short half life. I think of other SFRs perhaps for instance in Jordan or aboard aircraft carriers / new generation cruise-missile carrying ships (maybe all of them).

sodium alkali yemen.gif

5. Using the technology of the Shkval to fasten the movements of nuclear submarines is certainly done. I tend to think the Soviet Union did that already in the 1970s. Avraham Shifrin mentions “nuclear reactor nozzle cleaning” in the nuclear gulags. Deadly because these are nozzles directly related to the nuclear reactors. The flow of water coming to the reactor core compresses it and that compression increases the thermal output which allows to start a pump, more water is expelled behind and thus more water gets in, it can accelerate quite much (with some form of logarithm level linked to the fragilities of the reactor) yet everytime the reactor decelerates there is fuel spilling back into the nozzles which thus have to be cleaned -> hence in the USSR the use of slave work. Classified as extermination zone by Shifrin (of course).

I think that many nuclear submarines use that technology, for instance as a secondary reactor hidden into the front and disguised as sonar as in the USS Virginia
I’ve pointed out how the uranium gulags of the Soviet Union were massive extermination zones. Circa 20 million people killed in 50 years in my estimations. There are others right now in China, the Russian Federation (found two in Daghestan (kill zone around ice) and Yamalia – kill zone where uranium is mined by 75 deg north), Albania, Turkey, Mongolia and Iran.

6. Nuclear waste in trenches obviously will progressively power up the volcanoes under which they are plunging…

7. Underwater volcanoes also contribute to global warming (of course !). See my article on how human losses of heat (not CO2) and volcanic tephra are the two motors of global warming.

8. Some ethological bullshit : no, female hyenas do not give birth through a giant penis-shape clitoris :

spotted hyena.png
No giant clitoris – a normal vagina and a clitoris pointing above, the head of the baby comes down below
And no, while homosexuality in walruses is widespread as is in all animal species, there is no such thing as “pedophile rape in walruses”, just bad mounting and copy pasting of videos mixing the relations between a father and youngster and a walrus couple (in a video doc on animal homosexuality I won’t link to – seriously, this is bullshit, pedophile rape and rape in general are proper to humans).

Jesus was another repressed homosexual, I mean politician : a rational accounting of the New Testament. Pedophilia is a natural outcome of repressed homosexuality

My final opinion of the New Testament is that Jesus was another repressed homosexual (I mean politician…) – only his relation to John was accidentally true. Jesus shared the best ever message of tolerance without telling the full truth, using scenarisation to pretend divinity because it was simply a political campaign : he learned of the curative use of cannabis oil, performed healings but found it was not enough to share his words of peace, so he decided to :

1. Claim everywhere he was bound to die because of his wisdom and especially criticism of political power

2. Fake his own death

3. “Ressuscitate” after having simply hidden himself somewhere else and in fact tell the story of the crucifixion to disciples that would simply believe him and write it down.

French philosopher Onfray points out in his book Traité d’Athéologie to several factual issues in the New Testament regarding for instance crucifixion that was not used against Jews but against those who threaten the sovereignty of the Empire (for instance slave rebellions) and that a victim of execution would have been thrown into a mass grave, his body defaced. By claiming he was crucifixed Jesus attempted to support his claim to be the main threat to the Emperor. And even if it were true he would not have been put in a beautiful cave blocked by a rock (exactly as Lazarus was) but thrown into a mass grave and defaced by surrounders as in any lynching process (by the Jews) and nobody would have been allowed to take his corpse in beautiful clothes and lay it to rest in a cave… Jesus, as an excellent manipulator, felt he needed to have ANOTHER resurrection before his own in the writings. To very well implement in the minds of the readers how his own was real, he needed to have them to happen both on the same model (under a cave blocked by a rock). Lazarus’ revival is a story told only by John, the most loyal to also tell that miracle (Lazarus’ resurrection) that certainly was a lie Jesus insisted to have included in the “tract” – only John obeyed for he wholly loved Jesus.

Quakers have the belief that your inner voice is what has to be followed first and Scripture comes second. It may be that after telling disciples what to write he simply left and lived another life (with Maria Magdalena in this case quite certainly, or with Mary, simply as an eternal children in a quite incestuous relation). The plot would remain quite a good idea if it were naive but machiavelism and naiveness come rarely together and I think he intended to stay and involve himself in local politics after national liberation was achieved YET lying was and is utterly a sin (and, 1. of course, so much persons actually suffered because of the secret on the cannabis plant 2. also, he promotes alcohol which is even more evil (the demultiplication of alcohol at the wedding and “his own blood”, implicitely acknowledging he suffered from alcoholism)). So at the end he is a very bad person. He is lying from end to end. See my article on why repressed homosexuals are Statists and vice versa (as it is obvious the “strong relation” between him and John is another evidence as that relation was never acknowledged and Jesus implicitely condemns homosexuality in his preaches) – Jesus was clearly and evidently one of them. The evidence is that he didn’t live by his own words… and I hope he didn’t mean it (pedophilia is an obvious outcome of repressed homosexuality) when he said “let the little children come to me”.

My guess is that just after he told them the story he was secretly executed (and eaten ? quite possibly – as a kind of vengeance for his lies together with nostalgia) but that disciples kept the scripture and themselves bounced into politics. The cycle of executions presented as martyrdoms started from there…

Pacifism is like chopping off the penis of a rapist : it does not work

Standard pacifism (flag waiving individuals who gather to demonstrate “for peace” in what is implicitly obviously a call to the State) is an ideology that has been actively promoted by communist countries such as the USSR for the evident purpose of promoting Statism. It is still deeply full of these people. Quakers and other Christians have assembled with them, gullibly following these organizations to which governments regularly throw some little coins such as limited disarmament treaties, roles at the United Nations, subsidies that allow the movement to stay alive in spite of its obvious uselessness which I hope to have perhaps myself better than almost any else demonstrated with my research on depleted uranium weapons that no one in these groups ever undertook (my website).

Those who insist on “chopping off the penis of the rapist” by demanding disarmament do not understand how government is an octopus, an hydra and how cutting one head leads naturally to the regrowth of more. They do not understand the rapist will rape using his fingers, or an object, etc : the rapist is a rapist, if you take a weapon off his hands he’ll use all of his energy to find another weapon and use it as well to rape.

The rapist has to be isolated : we must refuse to vote and to pay taxes. We must disobey whatever is against natural law. I have put an end to my ridiculous petition to the ICC on DU weapons, the ICC is just a tool of governments and it will always ever be this way. The free market is the only way. See my article on the Lipsey Lancaster “paradox” which isn’t one at all but is solely a great mathematical demonstration that the free market must have no exception, even regalian powers. People obsessed by the “penis-chopping” approach to peace, that are unable to understand the Misesian approach, fit definitively in the repressed homosexuality problem. In fact, they are supporting the State’s powers, again demonstrating the point of that last article which is that 1. all Statists are  repressed homosexuals 2. all repressed homosexuals become Statists. (that’s a better title than the earlier one which wasn’t ambitious enough)

My unpublished papers

  • Uranium and the other alpha emitters and human health – and many, many other illnesses – in fact my hypothesis is that cannabis can counter all what is caused by uranium (but won’t cure hereditary diseases, it will however be able to kill their effects with a permanent treatment – and I won’t obviously comment on birth defects). To avoid birth defects and hereditary diseases, before intercourse, masturbation (esp. for men) is obviously essential and must be repeated as much as possible for a healthy body (that it reduces prostate cancer risk is obviously because of the fact it evacuates the alpha emitting nanoparticles in sperm) and limited risks of genetic damage in children.
  • A refutation of the R processes : heavy nucleii formation in black holes, an explanation for gravitational waves, linked to volcanism – unified theory showing there is no beginning in the history of the universe and that it is strictly infinite –> Click

These two first papers have already been sent to a lot of peer reviewed journals, without success even though they both received encouraging comments from some editors.

  • The first thinkers of totalitarianism (with a focus on Sismondi) Article Pirot Sismondi (waiting for peer review at the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, but already made available here)

The Lipsey Lancaster paradox is intrinsically anarcho-capitalist

« True free markets have never been tried », this is the point of this article ; it is possible to make it clear with a simple « mathematical » abstraction.

One can assemble as X’s all forms of government intervention (Xa for the bank oligopoly, Xb for regulations and standards, Xc for all taxes, Xd for other infringements on personal freedom such as gun laws, the draft etc.) and Y’s all issues with the economy today (Ya for inequalities, Yb for pollutions, Yc for economic instability, Yd for insecurity, etc).

Most people tend to be simply unable to try and risk the following : bringing all X’s on one side of the equation and all Y’s on the other side.

They say for instance : « Ok I know that Xa may be linked to Yc but I claim that putting Xc and Ya on the same side will reduce Ya » (« I believe taxation can reduce inequalities », to write it non-mathematically). They never consider the simple argument that putting all the X’s on one side and the Ys on the other, by ending all forms of government intervention, has never been tried. We simply have no experience on what the results could be (we only have experience for partial attempts where not all the X’s where put on the same side – they never were). If you try to start a discussion you will receive replies containing themselves a contradiction, i.e. acknowledging the market is not perfectly free but still blaming the free markets, not recognizing that the equation has never been solved once anywhere in the world ; you cannot judge a result without knowing it. You cannot simply pretend the result (« a free market society ») is already here, while the equation is not solved.

Another way of formulating it is the Lipsey Lancaster paradox, which can be restated simply : « so long as some X’s will be on the same side as Y’s (i.e. the market is imperfectly free), then it’s not free at all » (which is why many have attempted to use that paradox to defend government solutions – « we have not managed to kill all the mygals, so let’s instead let them invade our homes and tame them » is a funny yet realistic restatement of that « second-best argument »). The fully free market of the neoclassics can be assimilated to Ludwig von Mises’ ever-spinning economy. Any argument such as « let us put one X with one Y because we believe government can solve Y » is idealistic. The X’s and Y’s are balanced and there is no way any exogeneous factor interferes. And Mises was certainly the first to really make the direct point that all forms of idealism have to be rejected strongly, as unable to do the equation-solving work, and to make way for a true free-market society.

The Lipsey-Lancaster paradox is highly interesting as it points out that so long as we are not at a 100 % free society, getting closer to it (i.e. from 98 % to 99 % and then from 99 % to 99,2 %, to 99,99999… % etc) is not getting anywhere (i.e. being at 99,999 % close to a free market is the exact equivalent of being at 0%).

Thus we are in a situation where people are still attempting to solve the equation by doing more work with solutions already tried while leaving vacant a simple way to resolve it which is also what all mathematicians, faced with an equation, do : putting the X’s on one side, the Y’s on another is the most basic way of going forward in solving the equation and to discover that, as Austrians have for long hypothesized, the X’s equal the Y’s and that there is no exogeneous factor making any of the X’s needed for the benefit of the many.

The Lipsey Lancaster paradox is a very simple way to reply to all the socialists of all movements blaming the free market – the situation that we are in fact at 0 % is obvious through many regards. Every entrepreneur with a sharp eye knows it, the barriers are just hidden deeper and higher, and banks, especially, make it look like « it is capitalism that is to blame ». It is extremely easy to see that banks are subordinated to governments granting them rights and organizing the financial markets, and will never support entrepreneurs with ideas going against the interest of the elected. Government will never help you solve the equation showing its direct responsibility in all the ills it claims to fight everyday.


I also recommend my article on why repressed homosexuals are always and everywhere defenders of the State (link) and on how private police & justice & defense work easily (link).

Trump’s political strategy is like Dubya’s : the “Deep State Conspiracy” is a reality TV show

Trump is faking everything – he’s faking being an idiot to whom high civil servants are disobeying to. He’s faking being a Russian agent – his policies in Syria directly contradict that. He’s giving orders to organize everything, to make it look like “the Deep State is conspiring against him”. If the Deep State has a true representative, I think it’s for everyone John Bolton – how this man ends up right in the middle, handpicked by the president who campaigned against the war in Syria in 2013 ? Trump is a vile liar who understands that the bigger the lie, the easier it is to inoculate it safely. Trump wants you to believe he is full of contradictions ; meanwhile he can rule safely ; he just needs to permanently organize the “show”. The economic crisis is approaching and the US government is planning yet another forged chemical attack in Syria ; but everyone is looking for “the traitor of the op-ed of the New York Times” in a farce in which “he is rumoured to want to use the polygraph”… Comedy show of the 90s. Isn’t Trump a magnate of entertainment ? Isn’t this how he built his entire media career ? Reality TV,  the kingdom of the set-up…

It’s just a logical follow up to G. W. Bush’s “idiocracy” – everyone in Texas knows Bush’s Texan accent is faked, and that he didn’t had it in the 1970s – a political spin learnt certainly from Karl Rove – Bush studied at Yale – to seduce the inhabitants of Crawford, Texas… Journalist William Reymond notes in Bush Land how actors are used for scenography, “coming in bus from Waco” while “haystacks have just been set up”. Trump is doing the same, except he’s ramping it up. Trump expects everyone will believe the story but “the dear leader making appeal to the people” isn’t exactly a new strategy – Mao Zedong’s… Giving the people a way to unleash passions so that nobody is doing accurate reporting work. All “leaks” are under control. I’d point again to another interesting document by Booz Allen & Hamilton, a think-tank who suggested at least once that the US authorities do “managed release of confidential information” so as to divert inquiries farther from more important issues (such as what I raise on my website on DU weapons) :

Diversion material Booz Allen Hamilton
Found that in a footnote of a Chomsky book, What we say goes

Trump has in fact ramped up massively that strategy, it’s as simple as that. Trump has the “Deep State scapegoat” available in his communication tools so he may at any time use it to revert policy and foil people – for instance coming nicely having “discovered the conspiracy of the Deep State to forge chemical attacks in Syria” if the proofs circulate too widely – he crucifies a few high civil servants, makes a lot of noise, and comes back to more manipulation somewhere else (North Korea for instance) ?

What a US president needs is war because it’s the best way to spend lots of public money and ensure a lot of cash back in his own pockets through each call for tender (pay a lot to the company while forcing it to retrocede a big back part of it in your private accounts – cf the $21 trillion hole). So he will manipulate you into believing a war is needed somewhere, that’s all – Trump can switch between Syria, Iran and North Korea so may be swinging back and forth between these countries. That’s all.